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Eclipse Solutions
—Case Studies.

The Eclipse difference—custom technology solutions.

Every business challenge requires a unique technology solution. Eclipse technology solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and deliver high impact results with tangible benefits to the performance of your organization.

The Eclipse Methodology

A crafted approach
Our industry-leading Solution Architect team takes into perspective your existing environment, your business goals and budget, and anything other requirements to design a comprehensive solution for your unique needs.

The perfect fit
Our OEM-independent view of your goals ensures we always have your best interests in mind as we provide a transparent opinion on the custom solution that suits you best.

Seamless installs 
Our highly certified and specialized team ensures that solution integration with your existing business environment has minimal impact on your operations.

Ready. Set. Go.
Our broad experience and customer-first perspective ensures you receive reliable, effective, and efficient white-glove service, every time.

Service excellence
Our object is to be your trusted partner in the success of your business, school board or municipality. We can custom tailor a fully or partially managed package to compliment your team.

Case Study:
Eclipse and Cisco Hybrid Work Webinar

Case Study:
Communications Infrastructure Update & Design

Business Challenge – One of Ontario’s Crown Corporations acquired the services of Eclipse to develop and design a strategy to replace their aging Avaya multi-site communications infrastructure. Due to the degrading status of the current equipment, it was important that the solution included an expedited route to deployment. In parallel, the client was also looking to upgrade their collaboration applications in order to improve employee productivity and enhance team collaboration.

Solution – With expediency a key strategic consideration, Eclipse worked with the client to build out a highly available and resilient Unified Communications core design, based on the Cisco Unified Communications platform. A phased migration strategy was introduced that spanned two data centres and multiple branch offices. The solution included a resilient SIP solution, which provided high availability terminations and increased redundancy, Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) at key branch offices that required critical services and an E911 service to provide enhanced safety to all locations.

Results – A successful and expedited design, deployment and implementation of the infrastructure and collaboration applications. Improved team productivity was realized through implementation and user training on market-leading communication and collaboration applications. Operational efficiency was gained by administering a single, centralized cluster instead of various, heterogeneous systems.

Case Study:
SaaS-based IP Telephony & Contact Centre Solution

Business Challenge – A leading regulatory authority within the province of Ontario needed an integrated, IP Telephony and Contact Centre solution to replace its current aging, independent on premise PBX and Contact Centre solutions. The increasing operational risks and the likelihood of the systems failing were two factors that required immediate action. In addition to the risks of the current system, the client was moving into a new building which created specific deadlines to be met.

Solution – Eclipsed assessed the current environment and the new requirements and recommended a SaaS-based solution for both the IP Telephony and the Contact Centre solutions. This solution provided greater scalability and flexibility than an on-premises solution. Eclipse offered its broad range of services, including onsite discovery, planning, implementation and integration, including training and documentation. The new solution would require new IP Telephony devices, including desk phones, softphones and conference rooms, new IP Phone services and in the future, had to interoperate and integrate with Microsoft 365 Online, Microsoft Teams and Workday. As well, the call centre solution needed to integrate into a new CRM solution and careful planning was required.

Results – Eclipse’s decades of experience in voice, unified communications and call centres resulted in a tremendous partnership. With over 250 IP Telephony users, 25 conference rooms and 80 Contact Centre agents, our client is ready to take on its next challenge and Eclipse will be there every step of the way!

Case Study:
Remote Site Connectivity Using Cisco Meraki

Business Challenge – Eclipse has been the trusted technology solutions partner for a leading community hospital for 3+ years. A new healthcare location required connectivity back to the main hospital and due to the fact that the staff was extremely mobile at this remote site, it needed a seamless roaming experience that provided full-time connectivity, no matter where the staff was located. The fact that the IT staff was only located at the main site, a solution needed to be put in place that required little to no physical, on site IT staffing requirements.

Solution – Eclipse has been providing consulting, engineering and implementation services and recommendations for the telephony, network, DC and WLAN infrastructure for this client for many years. After the initial discovery and assessment, site surveys were performed. Eclipse designed a solution that would provide redundant connections back to the main site, while leveraging the Cisco Meraki wireless solution at the remote site. With Meraki, the complexity of implementation and management was minimized, enabling the network team to optimize their time at the remote site, while having complete, remote access to the Meraki cloud-managed dashboard, that provided analytics, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities . The Cisco solution also included the Identity Services Engine (ISE) to authenticate users onto the network and leveraged the existing, centralized Cisco Unified Communications System for all their telephony and collaboration needs, creating a very robust solution.

Results – This design provided an efficient and cost effective technology solution for the seamless integration of the hospital’s satellite location. The cloud-based management solution provided all the necessary system administration requirements, allowing IT staff to centrally monitor and troubleshoot this remote location, giving IT staff more time to work on impactful projects. In addition, network analysts can now deploy additional Meraki wireless Access Points (APs) with ease, using its zero-touch deployment model.

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